Malvern Hills loop including Upton upon Severn

Malvern Hills loop including Upton upon Severn

Circular Road Cycling Route

Cycling through the counties and areas of Herefordshire, Malvern Hills and Worcestershire.

38 miles 2450 ft Circular route
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The cycle route passes through the settlements of Ledbury (Herefordshire), Colwall (Herefordshire), Great Malvern (Worcestershire), Hanley Swan (Worcestershire), Upton upon Severn (Worcestershire), Wellend (Worcestershire), Malvern (British Camp, Herefordshire), Ledbury (Herefordshire)
Herefordshire Malvern Hills Worcestershire

Circular cycle route

From Ledbury we head up the short but steep Knapp Lane where we pass Frith Wood onto Colwall Green. Here we turn right up another steep climb onto the side of The Malverns. Not far from here is Sally’s Place, so if you’re in need of great cake or a coffee now’s a great time!

It’s north onto the Wyche cutting and to West Malvern before the decent down into Great Malvern itself. Passing the excellent Abbey Road Coffee (the Snicker Doodle is delicious) we head to Gaurlford and Hanley Swan with it’s picture postcard pond and village green.

It’s then along Upper Hook Road towards Upton upon Severn, passing Clive’s Fruit Farm (the ginger tiffin is delicious) and south along the main road to Longdon. Turning off right onto quieter roads it’s back west to Birts Street and onto the B4208 to Welland.

The final steep climb is up to British Camp where we pass the famous Sally’s Place cafe before the finale along the A449 into Ledbury.

Cycle friendly cafes en route or just a short detour away