Seeds 2 Totnes

Seeds 2 Totnes
Cafe and coffee shop in Totnes
40 High Street, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5RY
Opening hours: 10:00 - 15:00 (Mon - Thu), 9:00 - 15:00 (Fri / Sat), closed (Sun)
 Vegetarian  Vegan  Gluten Free

A superb cappuccino!


Their buffet style lunch with an assortment of salads and goodies, all vegan & veggie friendly makes a refreshing and lighter choice for lunch. Do try one of their locally made pastries and cakes too


From 11am there's a buffet only lunch menu in addition to their selection of morning pastries, cakes & buns


Americano (£2.80), cappuccino (£3.20), tea (pot, £2.20), buffet lunch (£10.95), cakes (from £2.50), pastries (from £2.00)


There's no immediate racking but just down the road you'll find council provided racking in the nearby market square


Turnaround is quick with plenty of space inside for small to medium sized groups. Tables cannot be reserved but you'll usually find a table with a short wait at weekends


Situated in vibrant Totnes, there's quiet Devon roads aplenty just a stones throw away. Once refuelled be sure to stop by the seaside town of Salcombe for a quick dip via Dartmouth and the stunning coast (if hilly)

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Casual, welcoming vegetarian and vegan café set in the hip Devonshire town of Totnes. On the menu (served from 11am) you’ll find an all you can eat, buffet style experience where you can eat for less than £11 a person.

Additionally in the mornings you’ll find locally sourced pastries, buns & cakes, alongside freshly roasted coffee and tasty tea.

Turnaround is quick and there’s plenty of space inside for small to medium sized cycling groups, if racking up do make use of the council provided bike racking outside on Totnes High Street.

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